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​January 2020
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Can you survive Wonderland Academy?


Where you’re in danger of losing your heart as well as your head.

Every decade, Wonderland Academy has to enlist a dozen humans into their program. The problem? I’m one of them.

But it’s not all tea and parties. There is no going back after being summoned to the royal grounds. We have to compete to stay here or risk becoming one of the Queen of Heart’s mindless soldiers.  

There are three houses who wish to overthrow the queen. Three leaders who wish to make me their queen despite the danger. If we’re caught, it won’t just be me who pays the price, because the monarch has the hearts of my family and friends in the human world. One wrong move and everything I hoped for will be destroyed.

Fans of Rachel Jonas, Jaymin Eve, and Kiera Legend will devour Cheri Winters’ new imaginative series.

 Note: WONDERLAND ACADEMYis an upper YA/NA reverse harem romance. This series will take you on a brand-new journey through a modern-day Wonderland full of fae warriors, cunning shifters, and miraculous magic. Scroll up and grab your copy of Wonderland Academy now!

Prequel Novella

Also, A Witch's Blood, my new NA Fantasy series is now available

Everything about my life is about to change…
I thought that my life was boring, my grandma told me that on my eighteenth birthday she would tell me a secret. 
I find out that I'm a witch, my best friend's a werewolf, and the quiet boy who just joined school is a vampire. Oh and to make things even more complicated, and my other friend just happens to be a smoking hot demon. 
Author's Note:
This is the prequel in the Negre Clan series. An introduction to A Witch's Fate, book two in the series.

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